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Events Bartending

$30 per hour (+$50 for menu design). Will provide, bar equipment and experienced bartending skills to any event. Host will provide all liquor, juices fruit etc. Services include cocktails and beer and wine service. For a custom designed cocktail list, please send inquiries with the details of your event, requests for types of drinks and price range by email (additional charges may apply depending on requests for menu design)

If no craft cocktails desired (just juice, mixers and sodas) materials will be provided by host after consultation with bartender.

Typical Bar Setup:

Fruit Juices (lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange and cranberry juice)

Soda Mixers (coke, sprite, soda water, tonic)

Syrups etc. (simple syrup, agave syrup, salt, angostura bitters)

Whole fruit (lemons, oranges, cherries, limes, olives)

Spirits (vodka, bourbon, tequila, gin, rum, triple sec)







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